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CN-103884152-A: Refrigerator capable of providing health indexes and system patent, CN-103884494-A: Optical parameter detecting method for Si-based buffer layer coated glass patent, CN-103885471-A: Forest combustible matter humidity automatic regulating system and method based on forest fire hazard patent, CN-103894013-A: 切削液滤清回收装置 patent, CN-103901772-A: 双dsp冗余惯性平台控制器 patent, CN-103907460-A: 一种华重楼一次种苗投入,重复种植多次收获的栽培方法 patent, CN-103909085-A: 生活垃圾综合处理方法 patent, CN-103912344-A: Apparatus and method for adjusting regeneration frequency of exhaust catalysts in a vehicle patent, CN-103926500-A: Method for detecting LED constant current driving circuit performance patent, CN-103930659-A: Delivery device for delivering a liquid additive out of a tank and method therefore patent, CN-103937450-A: Novel glass curtain wall sealant patent, CN-103952051-A: 内交联多彩涂料及其制备方法 patent, CN-103953473-A: Cryogenic preheating device for gasoline engine patent, CN-103962456-A: 汽车空调吸盘冲压成型模具 patent, CN-103965050-A: 一种卤代芳环类化合物及其制备方法 patent, CN-103968153-A: 基于塘碴地层的地埋管地源热泵水平管施工法 patent, CN-103970013-A: 基于遗传算法与模糊控制的除氧器控制的实现方法 patent, CN-103970064-A: 一种阀门遥控及液位遥测系统 patent, CN-103975865-A: 一种便携式手提宠物笼子 patent, CN-103979123-A: Automatic tea leaf packaging machine patent, CN-103984139-A: Touch display panel patent, CN-103995202-A: 一种自动信号测试方法、装置及系统 patent, CN-103998665-A: 3d woven fiber structure, fibrous preform obtained from such a fiber structure, and composite material part comprising such a preform patent, CN-104006199-A: 汽车涂装厂房风量调节阀 patent, CN-104014062-A: 吸氧仪 patent, CN-104019137-A: 输砂绞龙轴底部轴承密封装置 patent, CN-104022990-A: 一种基于海面无线传感网的分布式波束形成载波相位同步方法 patent, CN-104034113-A: 直冷冰箱 patent, CN-104038559-A: Content push method, server, client side and system patent, CN-104039471-A: 支撑图案成型方法 patent, CN-104046221-A: Oil-resistant anti-rust paint and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104051835-A: 毫米波径向波导空间功率分配/合成器 patent, CN-104058497-A: Microbiological treatment device patent, CN-104062259-A: Method for rapid determination of total saponin content in compound ass-hide glue pulp by near infrared spectroscopy patent, CN-104076526-A: 用于立体介质的三维感知的眼科镜片观看套装 patent, CN-104078354-A: 功率半导体器件及其制造方法 patent, CN-104081087-A: Multi-ratio transmission patent, CN-104083232-A: Canidae inseminator patent, CN-104084399-A: 麻将牌清洗机 patent, CN-104089097-A: Enhanced constant-force spring supporting suspension bracket patent, CN-104090215-A: Insulating rod grouping test device patent, CN-104094553-A: 防侧信道攻击的加密方法 patent, CN-104097563-A: Adjusting device for vehicle headlamp patent, CN-104104916-A: Patrol car monitor rotating mechanism patent, CN-104114873-A: Pump housing patent, CN-104117291-A: TiO2/C hybrid aerogel modified polyvinylidene fluoride membrane and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104140848-A: 一种子母垃圾秸秆气化炉 patent, CN-104144382-A: Positioning method and system for zone application patent, CN-104147975-A: 一种可直接投加sncr脱硝剂的自动设备及其配制方法 patent, CN-104148626-A: Calixarene functionalized gold nanoparticle and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104155009-A: Infrared optical system and infrared optical equipment patent, CN-104165929-A: 利用脉冲声源和pu探头测量吸声系数的设备及方法 patent, CN-104168014-A: Isolating differential transmission lines patent, CN-104172185-A: Application of biological enhancement cell nutrients in preparation of gastric cancer cell-resistant functional foods patent, CN-104173570-A: 防治冠心病介入治疗围手术期心肌损伤的中药组合物 patent, CN-104178364-A: 一种玻璃清洗剂 patent, CN-104198121-A: Mechanism for realizing X-Y-directional movement through unidirectional drive of narrow space patent, CN-104199117-A: Infrared ultraviolet composite flame detector and detection method thereof patent, CN-104207112-A: 便于食用的方便面酱包及其制作方法 patent, CN-104226060-A: 一种污染气体过滤器 patent, CN-104226542-A: 涂布器以及涂布装置 patent, CN-104233802-A: 一种具有光子晶体结构色的蚕丝织物的制备方法 patent, CN-104233968-A: Sound barrier base with foundation connecting bolts capable of being overhauled and sound barrier with base patent, CN-104249141-A: Molded component and manufacturing method of molded component patent, CN-104253549-A: 一种基于lcl滤波的大功率pwm整流器电路拓扑结构 patent, CN-104265503-A: Multi-inlet combustor engine patent, CN-104267588-A: 一种硒鼓粉仓拆分装置 patent, CN-104288896-A: 一种颅脑灌注降温便携箱 patent, CN-104291321-A: Preparation method for graphene quantum dot film patent, CN-104309877-A: Special automatic label pasting device for blood collection tube patent, CN-104310490-A: 一种施氏矿物-氧化石墨烯复合材料及其制备方法 patent, CN-104316227-A: Double-faced pressure sensing type soil pressure sensor patent, CN-104317655-A: Cluster GPU acceleration-based multi-source full path Monte-Carlo simulation method patent, CN-104343271-A: 车库后松绳保护开关 patent, CN-104346306-A: System and method of high integrity DMA operation patent, CN-104349198-A: 遥控器及遥控器的控制方法 patent, CN-104361231-A: Method for controlling rumor propagation in complicated network patent, CN-104364252-A: Crystal of flumioxazin patent, CN-104366512-A: Corn gluten meal and production method thereof patent, CN-104369888-A: 适于树脂砂轮、切割片的智能识别自动包装系统 patent, CN-104381302-A: 一种天然矿物杀菌剂及其制备方法和应用 patent, CN-104389197-A: 用于织物的印染方法 patent, CN-104392600-A: 一种采集不同红外频率进行存储的方法 patent, CN-104398095-A: 一种智能温控高效保温杯 patent, CN-104408519-A: Method for backing up and learning knowledge learned by robot patent, CN-104412370-A: 半导体用洗涤液及使用该洗涤液的洗涤方法 patent, CN-104418558-A: Preparation technology of environment-friendly thermal insulation composite building material patent, CN-104427811-A: 外盖构件、电子装置及其制造方法 patent, CN-104432944-A: 水下电动助游鞋 patent, CN-104438326-A: 薄板坯连铸连轧中高碳钢的轧制工艺 patent, CN-104440601-A: 高速四边磨金刚石砂轮及其制备方法 patent, CN-104441973-A: Inkjet printer and printing method patent, CN-104443089-A: Auxiliary equipment for mounting matching component patent, CN-104454002-A: 煤矿瓦斯爆炸快速封堵系统 patent, CN-104460309-A: 一种利用物联网对时、调校和设置计时器的方法 patent, CN-104464388-A: Method for collecting wireless data for practical training patent, CN-104482497-A: 一种太阳光照明系统 patent, CN-104493336-A: Welded joint detecting and tracking system and method based on video analysis patent, CN-104495106-A: 一种即配式液体溶质饮料瓶 patent, CN-104499118-A: Combing processing technology for two different small fiber rolls patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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